Eliane de Requingris

Fate, Future, and Fancy

Eliane Celestine Radelle de Requingris

Eliane Dufresne



Wildwood Elezen

Voluminous curls in rosy red

Mint green


Sleek, curvaceous, elegant

Mention House Requingris just about anywhere in Ishgard and you'll be met with raised eyebrows from highborn and low alike. Even the more forward-thinking in the Pillars regard it as unorthodox at best and an instigator at worst, one that rose to power on the grave of a dead barony and one now spearheaded by a busybody industrialist and her Ala Mhigan husband. It was his name that she took upon marriage, changing what was formerly known as House Dufresne into the house of the Grey Shark -- or in Old Elezen, "Requin-Gris".

It's an apt banner for Eliane: in politics and business both she is infamous for being able to smell blood in the water, and after a lifetime of tutelage under her Sharlayan mother she can read the stars as easily as a fish reads the currents. The woman is known to fight with teeth bared for the security and prosperity of her family, but it is a family that includes her manufactory as a whole; indeed, Eliane is well known for her "rising tide lifts all ships" mentality, and worked tirelessly to better the lives of her fellow Ishgardians long before the Restoration.

And that's where the reputation of House Requingris changes entirely: ask the common folk about it, and they'll speak with enthusiasm. It is a house of opportunity and charity, one that's always defended those in need. Most recently that defense seems to have extended to the dragons and former 'heretics', both of whom the house has moved to protect as readily as it does its own. Though its ranks of merchants and men-at-arms are small, they seem relentlessly loyal to their patrons.

So is it all sincere, or is it yet another instance of Ishgardian nobility taking advantage of the latest political opportunity? Regardless of its motivations, one thing is clear: the once-tiny House Requingris is growing fast, and it certainly doesn't intend on slowing down any time soon.


-- In spite of her reputation Eliane is a friendly and gregarious individual, and is prone to being nosy. She may butt into your business on her own just because.

-- Eliane is best known for the Bellworks, the manufactory that makes her fortune. She's also known for being charitable. If your character needs an investor or a sponsor she's generally an easy sell...though she's also like to watch very closely to ensure her funds aren't being squandered.

-- Likewise, Eliane is perpetually hiring, both for the Bellworks and for personal matters. If your character is looking for work in any capacity -- engineering, magical, mercenary, etc -- they can easily find a job with Eliane.

-- House Requingris is a proud vassal of House Durendaire, so other Durendaire and Dzemael vassals will find ready allies among them, at least on a superficial level.

-- Eliane's husband is Ala Mhigan so the house has a distant but vested interest in the well being of Gyr Abania. They potentially could be persuaded to get involved in Abanian affairs.


-- Eliane studied Sharlayan astrology long before it was ever an accepted practice in Ishgard. She is known in the local astromancy community for the accuracy of her readings and it's rumored she's been studying gravity manipulation for quite some time -- although to what end is less clear. Perhaps your character is looking for a teacher, or is in need of more celestial services?

-- Eliane has done extensive work with memories independent of that done in Bozja, and has had success healing those with mental trauma and memory loss. She has rather unwittingly become quite knowledgeable on the spirit's link with the mind, and is capable of helping with such specific afflictions.

-- Eliane occupies a seat in the House of Lords in the place of her disabled father. If your character needs a political ally they could do far worse than an MP...but how far she's willing to go for your character depends on how well she knows them, or what they can offer her in kind.


-- There are some murmurs, particularly among the Knights Dragoon, that Eliane took dragon blood some time ago and came looking for help with how to contain her inner fire. Is this why she's suddenly so friendly to heretics? Are there any truth to these claims?


-- Friendships, rivalries, former acquaintances, childhood friends, partners, enemies, students, engineers, knights, squires, you name it! (I'm willing to RP antagonistic relationships with Ishgardian traditionalists, but let's Talk Things Out, first!)

-- All kinds of RP: casual and slice of life, serious and episodic, fluffy and happy, dark and mature, controversial themes, etc. DM'd adventures a serious plus!

-- Nobility drama is fantastic if handled maturely! Please contact me first so we can work out some boundaries.

-- Players who love and respect the lore, and adhere to the spirit of it. (I'm semi-flexible with the "letter of the law" so to speak. See below.)

-- Mature individuals who are +18, who know and abide by the golden rules of RP, who communicate frequently, and who can separate IC from OOC.

-- Communicators.

-- Did I mention good communicators?

-- No seriously just talk to me, I don't bite.


-- Romance. Eliane is happily married and a mother of three.

-- Dark themes are ok. Depending on how well I know you we could go as far as stuff like torture, etc. But I will never allow death or dismemberment. Again, if you'd like to go this route let's talk it out first.

-- Lorebending is cool. If you can justify it with grace, I'm on board. If you can't...I don't think we're a good fit for each other.